℃ the most comprehensive trace routine and advanced in the world

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BJYZ has the complete system to ensure the manufacture and the quality inspection so that the deliveried crucible can be put into used directly.

¢ Water pressure


Water pressure of crucible dia Φ960〜4300                 water pressure of ALD designed
 Crucible and steel flange of CONSARC in the USA          Crucible dia 1040       

¢ Helium mass vacuum spectrometer leak


 vacuum pressure in helium mass      leak rate test in helium mass spectrometer
  spectrometer leak detector         leak detector

¢ Ultrasonic inspection


100% ultrasonic inspection for 100% ultrasonic inspection for crucible 100% ultrasonic inspection for
 crucible body         flange welding seam          crucible flange

¢ Mechanical property inspection:

Check result of mechanical property of
crucible material will be sent in the data of
dispatch of products

  High frequency vibration to remove the inner stress  Wallness instrument inspection