Welcome to visit Baoji Baojing Vacuum Equipment Researching and manufacturing Co.,Ltd .Thank you for your continuous support ,care and trust . Baoji Baojing Vacuum Equipment Researching and manufacturing Co.,Ltd abbreviated as BJYZ ( in first phonetic Chinese letter) is a complex enterprise mainly specialized in designing ,developing and manufacturing VAR,ESR and accessory parts .


Since start business in 1993, "BJYZ" has gone through enterprise restructuring, mechanism changes, personnel changes and other major expansion . All staff keep the belief that "proactive, professional, comprehensive, creative" .Through 13 years¡¯ uninterrupted research, development and production practice, established quality management system for the whole process which contains structural design, materials (copper), forging, machining, assembly and inspection . Developed new series of mold and the extension products with a unique structural features and technical advantages. BJYZ has grown to world-class supplier of crucible.


¡°Aims to build friendly business relationships with customers all over the world ¡± We have full sets of related data including samples , video, photos, files for all subject experiment , welcome any Enquiry from you . We would like to work together with you for mutual development by our excellent products and sincere service .