¡î¡¡Large scale manufacture of high efficiency

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BJYZ has successfully manufactured and finished four kinds crucibles total twelve from dia ¦µ780¡Á4227 (length) to ¦µ1080¡Á4227 (length) during four months.

The implementation of a project contract

1.February 8, 2009 with the signing of a project ¦µ1080 ~ ¦µ780 ¡Á 4227 and other four kinds of specifications crucible, three sets of each size, total 12 sets of crucible contract, March 15 advance Daozhang contract in force.


2.May 18 (execution of the contract 2 months and 3 days), from ¦µ1080 ~ ¦µ780 crucible has been testing the set of qualified, equipped with acceptance, delivery conditions,


3.The follow-up of a project has been completed eight sets of crucible 75 ~ 80% of the workload by the end of June to early July all of the remaining eight sets of crucible with delivery conditions, the total production of four months duration or less: