BJYZ mold the quality advantage: the vacuum around the products, high-temperature service environment, they emphasized that their safety, stability, anti-deformation and assembly commenced the overall quality of the structural design and manufacturing concept:

1.The independent control of forging process
To improve the intrinsic quality of crucible, to prevent or reduce the crucible of the major steps deformation factor

Many years of research and        BJYZ supervision of the process         BJYZ staff crucible 
development of large crucible forging,    of forging a copy of the file         forging process to test

   practice, formed a BJYZindependent,mature forging process  

2.Flange and cylinder assembly of the unique shape of the structure and scientific weld
Applied BJYZ patented technology to ensure high-flange weld strength and air tightness, water tightness

A crucible manufacturer, Φ820 crucible flange weld in the repair process after the investigation aside the internal structure of the weld depth of only 18mm,Flange and the crucible body with relaxation, slit width of about 3mm. The problem BJYZ crucible structure to be satisfactorily resolved.

3.Crucible bottom structure of mature design technology 
BJYZ through the crucible convex sets of structural performance and the development stage, through the embedded steel ring will be passed to the steel ring of the rigid strength of the bottom of crucible into the overall structure is "BJYZ" patented design.

Steel ring and cylinder has formed a solid overall structure, and in service in the course of a reliable connection to undertake claw hook functions, and to maintain the stability of the structure significantly strengthened the crucible bottom parts of the deformation resistance.

4."BJYZ" have and implement the world's most comprehensive and advanced to the testing process
Crucible to complete delivery can be a "direct use" as a whole

BJYZ product shipments as a whole piece shipped, complete mold products to the customer at the scene, can be used directly.

5.According to the structure and user needs crucible, the crucible of secondary structural design of

Make it's the function synthesizing mass get more sufficient guarantee and bring into play

The pair of furnace bottom-end steel loops structure according to furnace structure dimension characteristic , specifically for some consumer product design trial-produces the welding norm to specially appointed product