1.Established from the crucible of the structural design, materials (copper), forging, machining, assembly, testing the whole process of quality management processes for product quality, provide a system to ensure stability.

2.Owns and implementation of the international community the most comprehensive and advanced mold (sets) of test procedures for product safety, stability, provide a reliable basis.

3.R & D and to provide for different needs of crucible with the copper alloy material.

4.BJYZ mold manufacturing standards.


The main structure standards:

¡¤ All the overall forging cylinder shape (patent)

¡¤ Flange, Tongdi pads are forging molding process, forging ratio ¡Ý 1:5

¡¤ Flange and cylinder assembly of unique methods and weld structures, welding technology (patent)

¡¤ Crucible bottom of the special anti-deformation structure (patent)

The main manufacturing and inspection standards:

¡¤ Ultrasonic Testing: crucible cylinder, flange, Tong Di pad 100% ultrasonic inspection reference to JB4730-94 testing standards related to forging

¡¤ Negative pressure vacuum experiment: leak rate ¡Ü 1 ¡Á 10-2mbar 1/sec, control the time 15 ~ 30min to pass.

Ultimate Vacuum ¡Ü 1 ¡Á 10-3mbar.

¡¤ Pressure test: 0.6MPa/Cm2, packing 45 minutes, no leakage, no pressure relief.

Provide key materials (copper, stainless steel, etc.) providers, and quality certificates.

¡¤ Other common technical standards and user specific processes, technical requirements.

¡¤ Material: T2, TU2, TP2, (common material)


Special high-level crucible material: QB-YZ0801 standard, equivalent to the German ACM1 (Cu-Ni) copper-nickel alloy used in crucible cylinder.

Senior crucible Tongdi pad material: QB-YZ0802 standard, equivalent to the German ELBRODR (Cr-Zr)-containing chromium, zirconium alloys of copper