EB furnace and extension
Different units in steelmaking and continuous casting of mould, EB mould require a special furnace of different material, stainless steel welding (bronze) technology and production process of vacuum depot. BJYZ specializing in the production of vacuum furnace equipment parts for many years, especially the various specifications, American CONSARC electrode with "steel crucible company -- copper" welding and water cooling channels, negative pressure within the types of products vacuum performance and perfect testing system for EB furnace, mould manufacturing provides the safety and reliability of the guarantee.

Because the web is different, its makers furnace mould structure component such as cold, have bigger difference. BJYZ manufacturing quality standards and after-sales services:
1¡¢EB furnace mould, cold not less than the original comprehensive quality product performance.
2¡¢warranty for 2 years, product quality problems in BJYZ repair, processing of normal use and not until more than 24 hours (transportation time except).
3¡¢the buyer to ensure normal production, responsible for the purpose, the perennial web furnace crystallizer guarantee service, in principle is less than 24 hours treatment period (transportation time except).
 Manufacture steel structure operating platform of EB furnace for some factory